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25 years

February 9th, 2017 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Time go so fast. So fast that you dont see it.

This site got a gallery that have started it over 10 years ago. Kind of funny no. This site is more then a blog for me, its a container for many things.

We have accomplished so much over those years, from building different community center. International rope event. But also feeling proud of the repel some action have did.

I see the positive so much, more information, more education and more quality educator every where. Montreal have grow so much.

Many project on the back burner. Good and less good one.

Many travel plan, one last minute a 1 month Japanese class in Japan. This is not sure and very expensive.

I can say that over time we collect things, enough percutions toys to fill up a huge walking, that include so many electric toys and over 5km of ropes.

Also I took a look of the class I give now, so different and more mature.

Over the years, so not has good at taking picture has I will like.But now with my new mac, I should improve in composition.



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