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6000 spanks

June 14th, 2021 in Uncategorized by Dunter

For some peoples 20 is a huge things, for some players 100s is a feat.

I got the chance to give for a spanking birthday 6000.

We are heavy player, but also player with some experience to be able to do things like that. Very very good warm up is important to no break the skin to fast. Be able to rest hands its also important for the giver.

For me was a goal, the real aim was 5100, but we where so ok, we decided to aim for the 6000.

She got a soar ass for few days, but got also more damage. Shoulder took a hit, my hand was ok. I think is great to have reach that kind of limits, but I will stop there. Was fun, let see if other will make a World Record of it.

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