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Atw+Pride= a nice week-end.

August 14th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Friday was the ATW party, a private party where the queer got wild. People between 18 and 25 wit few exception of people over 30.

Those party are very sexual oriented, then have a sex room reserve too that activity, with people to monitor and protect. They have a donjon where also sexual activity are allow. I saw few friend when working there has a DM. I was introduce to a cosine to a friend who was in town for only tis party, so I give her a good taste of Montreal.

Sathurday was reserved for Otakuton, but to  lazy and to tired to go.

Today was the Pride, I walked with the leather people. I got more affinity and lots of respect for them to support them. Was my first to walk in the Pride, my god was cool.

The event is about, love, pride but also to remember the lost of people. A 1 min of silence was hold during the pride for those you fall.

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