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A day at the park.

by on May.20, 2020, under Uncategorized

This was a nice day to do whips.

I bring some of my favorite one.

  • Chain whip, my favorite to play or performance.
  • Snake whip, small and fun.
  • Crucifix chain whip, harder to use, but still fun.
  • Cow or Hybrid whip, fast and precise.
  • Mini bullwhip, 4f of deathly precision
  • Heavy bullwhip, 8F of pleasur.
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100 knots

by on May.06, 2020, under Uncategorized

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by on Mar.16, 2020, under Uncategorized

First time in 10 years that we cancel a workshop, but this is to save lives.

So far, everything is close, Dungeon, rope class, fetich events, but not only local, the big convention got hurt also. Strange to see the city running at slow paste, lots of peoples working from homes.

the toilets paper crisis, that I didn’t saw coming.

we will try to help each other the best we can.

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Aging in the BDSM community.

by on Jun.02, 2019, under Uncategorized

Last week I met a new play partner, who during our first meeting we exchange stories.

She told me, that she has to leave her previous master because of Alzheimer issue, was beginning to show some confusion issue who lead to forgetting about her safeword. A sad story for sure. But at least nothing bad happen.

Make me think, will you realize that you get too old for some of the things we do. Some activity needs to be physically able to do some of the things and others need a sharp mind.

Bottom for suspension is an example, this put lots of stress on the body, young one heal and regenerate faster.

For me doing whips, I can feel in my joint and muscle telling me, that this exercise put more and more stress. I injured my self a few months ago giving a spanking. I was a good spanker, a heavy one I will say, now I need to go slower and use tools like paddles.

Also even if olds player remains in the scene, the pool of people is younger, 10 years difference is not that bad, 20 is limits, 30 years difference begins to show some issue to some peoples.

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My imprint.

by on Oct.28, 2018, under Uncategorized

This is a log of things have done, for me to remember, a backup of example or simply to put all information about those under 1 rouf.

lets say from my beginning I was a shy guy, and didn’t involve my self to much.

After few years going to le Chateau, I helped JP and Elie for  there kinky night, not DM more some one to help. Then I begin to give my first demonstration and workshop. This  was begin 2000-2004.

Then I was part of a group where we started our on Donjon, called the Ds Club. Was in Verdun, upstairs of a Police station. Doing the door and Dm.

Then I begin to travel to learn mostly and teach, what I was learning in travel I was teacher localy. I did also many show and performances.

Past Presence.
-Lust(performance) 2017, Lust was a performance about rope dance, whips.
-WestCoast Bond,(Workshop) 2016, was a great event in Vancouvert.
-Fapcon(workshop) 2015, with my time with my partener in Calgary.
-AFW(workshop, perfomance, fun) 2015, lots of fun in the wood.
-Beyond Leather.(Workshop) 2015,16, Florida so warm.
-La nuit des cordes,(Promoter,performer)2014-18. For 5 years this was my baby, biggest rope exibition at the moment,
-DO fusion, Maryland,(Workshop)2014, an amazing series of Convention, this one in Maryland was incredible.
-Lupercalia, Edmonton (Workshop)2013,14, Lupercalia is a very great convention in Edmonton
-MBE,Toronto(Performance)2010,11,12,13,15,16, I was there from the 3th, thill the end. 12h performance, inspired to created NDC
-The Floating world,NJ(workshop) 2013, the venue was amazing, some the best educator was there.
-Thunder in the mountain, Denver(workshop, performance) 2013,14,16, a very old events, Greatest donjon I ever saw.
-Festival Kink de Quebec(workshop), 2013, lets say, place for improvement
-Bound in Boston, 2010,13,14,15, I think BiB was my first Con, a great events none the less.
-NELA Presents – FFF(workshop) 2011,13,14,15, the fetish flea faire, is an amazing con that take over a huge hotel.
-Shibaricon.(Workshop)2010,13,15, The Chicago event where amazing, from many tears we let go that events.
-Torture Garden Toronto.(Workshop)2010,11,12, was the most advance and gory things you can see is with TG
-Every thing to do with sex show.(workshop, coordinator)2010,11, Funny to see that event change hands some many times.
-Kinky festival (show,workshop)2008,09, the first montreal try.
-Fetish week end (show,workshop,Dm, coordinator)2008,09,10,11, I joined, created, until … same has most of the pepleo of the city
-Clubsin (show,workshop)2007 to 2010, at some point in time was a cool event.
-Fs Sequence(DM)2009 to 2012,  the emergence of the Dm for events. many show there.
-Salon de l’amour et seduction (demo)2004,05,06,09., the original, first experience with vanilla people in a kinky con.
-FetishCon.(workshop) 2011, I did it once, a convention more Adult industry oriented.
-Torture Garden Montreal (show, dm coordinator) 2011,  a very cool experience, my most advance suspension was there.
-Sexapalooza.(Workshop)2013-14, was a try,

-The Vampir, (movie). Bondage 2006. , decorative ropes, fews hours of work for few seconds on the screen
-Choking Game (porn). bondage 2008, repetition and repetition of the same knots to avoid error.

-Raw Montreal, (Show) 2014, was suppose to be the next American got talent, was not.
-Disk lunch, The gods of now, (show)2009. Performance for a friend.
-festival of erotics art (show) 2009. A all day performance with over 5 models was amazing.
-Eyes wide shut.(show)2008,09,10,11,14,15,16,18, warming up the night with some basic kinky things.
-Paparazzi(show). 2010, a CDB events
-April ball.(show)2009,10, the bain mathieu, best party best place.
-Rendez-vous de l’érotisme(show) 2011, was a try, to put many adult things together.

-Fetish Armada,{front} bondage
-Fetish Store, (front). bondage
-Priapes store, (front). Bondage

I did many  intensive for a full day of workshop, normally 3 to 4 workshop

(Toronto 4, Quebec 9, NH 3, Montreal 4)


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Wounder Woman

by on Jul.22, 2018, under Uncategorized

I am talking about Marston and the Wonder Women. 

This movie inspired by the real life creator of wounder woman, was amazing. More kinky then 50 SOG.

The story turn around the inventor of the lie detector but also a threesome.

The script touch many things related to bdsm, lightly but in a great way. From Bondage, to Ds. Also it approach a nice concept on submission, or dominance, inducement, submission and compliance. Where most people will understand Dominance, submission and compliance, most forget about Inducement.

Inducement is something that inducesmotivates, or persuades; incentive, part of the seduction. 

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WordPress for 10 years

by on Jun.23, 2018, under Uncategorized

I now use for this site, wordpress for 10 years. Did many update and upgrade over they years. I remember to have to re install to upgrade some version because of none compatibility with older version.

At some point they where not easy to do. Its easy to play with wordpress now, configure and install different plugin or even code in php one your self. I was lucky over this decade I didnt have bad issues. Many of my friend got Hack, or lost there site for different reason.

I use a simple 8 Digit password that I change every 3 month, and no is not 12345678.

I was surprise to look at the date of the first entry. 2008

Thanks to people who message me, some time for viagra or to reset my bank account, but it feel like people connect with some of the content.


This part of the site is for me a way to express my self, and have my plateforme many things.

Will see if I will still use it in 10 Years.

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Sense 8, got everything.

by on Jun.22, 2018, under Uncategorized

Sense 8, a Netflix series that touch so many things and you dont feel it force.

Sex, gay sex and even scene of orgy are there but not even a main focus.

The script, story line is simple and flow well, with the connection of those many different people.

This series touch trans people, Hackers, Gay, Asain, black and Indian, from light things to more deep things.

The action sequence are well done, and feel connected to actors where I am sure they where not always in they confort zone.

Also feature Daryl Hannah who I truly like

They touched me, a tears or two at some points, many laughts.  A good recommandation.

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Some news of this week.

by on Jun.22, 2018, under Uncategorized

I was suprise to read about a poly amour in the news, This french article talk about a win in court about a triad MMF, who where able to get on paper they relationship.


This was my sex toys collection crush


The creator bad dragon is a most to be seen, we have try there lubes for many effect and work well.

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Expensive toys

by on Jun.09, 2018, under Uncategorized

Price for fun, those are some of the toys ranked by price.

Tens unit, 100$, can very in the price range, but a good level start can be found in some drug store,

Flogger, 150$, for a good one, balance and with good quality leather.

Whips, 300$, single tail are more the high end, but some good one are more expensive.

Violet want, 500$, you can found cheaper, the solide state one. but the real deal is the still around 500$

Signature whip, 1000$, make my master in there trade, take also some time to found them and build at your request.


In the ridicule prize tag

The famous 1.8 millions dollar vibrator

Another famous 1 million dollar one

but you probably get those more easly

https://www.lelo.com/olga less then 4000$


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