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Miss_pearl and the missing stairs. part 3

by on Aug.15, 2023, under Uncategorized

if the story of the cover up and little about the montreal bdsm story and how Miss_pearl leaded the munch of 18-35. I recommand to read a text written in that time period by one of the DM.


You can see how it was run then, and you easly see where Momo_ito took from.

Next writing, the abuse and lie from the new 18-35 leaders and one of the montreal Rope group.

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Breathplay book version 4

by on May.06, 2023, under Uncategorized

In the last decade I put all my knowledge about breathplay in a little pdf.

Then we wrote it as a book, took about a year and a year to correct it.

I receive my complaint about it, phrasing in frenglish or typo ect…

So I decided to re write it using an AI to correct it.

Let me know if you found errors .

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Cyber bully and Cancel culture

by on Mar.04, 2023, under Uncategorized

This is my opinion and point of view and only of how a saw things.

One of the most disgusting things the 18-35 groups do, is mob thinking.

Controlling what people should do, what people should think and more. using violence when they see fit. When people try to remove the ability to think , and make them react by reflex, I call that radicalisation. But this will be for an other writing.

The main couple, doing this, is the leader for the past few years of the 18-35 groups on Fetlife. They took where MissPearl left things. Momo_ito and Rouxlade. But they are also munch promoter and for Rouxlade admin on a Discord.

They use the discord to promote, and control the narative.

I will include 2 element.

This is a perfect exemple on how people try to make some cancel culture. By blocking social and personal.

Roux imply that I am ban from event, and that should be an excuse to put pressure to ban from other event. You can see easly the manipulative way.

For this second example, Momo the girlfriend of Roux at the moment of this text, try an other approach.

She aim to isolate, by saying that if people are friend with me, then they are not safe also.

This is old news, in reality the worst I saw is people lying to make there action in this cancel culture work in there favor.

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Aftercare: A closing ritual

by on Nov.09, 2022, under Uncategorized

Not everyone have the same needs, not everyone need aftercare with someone. Some just need to be alone for few minutes, other need mcnuggets. But both side can have a need for it, and it can also depend on the scenes. An humiliation scene have not the same impact has a flesh hook one.

This was an approach by Shevah from Ds-arts, and I think I add a little to it.

Those are not a way, buts ideas, it’s not a things to follow in orders but to think about. Parts you can include. Take what you need and left what less connect with you.

A , Attentiveness. This is the part many believe to be the aftercare. The cuddling part, hug and caress, kissing and massages. It’s the moment to care for the body and mind of the other, follow the need that was negotiated and agree before hand.

F, Fortify. This will be for the physical aspect. Rehydrate the body, sugar, rest, clean up the person, but also the scene. Think of first aids, apply ice, cream and other body needs. Clean your hand, think of the toys used and other things that will need attention.

T, Transition. This is your way to pass from play to not-play headspace. Your way to acknowledge a change. For some that do 24/7 this is less applicable. For other that can be the add and remove of a play collar. Can be a kiss on the feet from the bottom to sign the end of the scenes and return to life.

E, Express. Give and show gratitude, give to Cesard whats it he deserve. Akcnowledge the work and effort on both side will help put a meaning to the scenes. Be open and supportive to concern.

R, Recovery, Body, mind and soul need a time to recover. More we get old more this take an importance. Body need to recover from injury, but also the chemical our body make when we play. Those chemical can lead to some bad drop, and to be aware of it, and how to recover is important. The mind need also to recover, some will need sleep , up to you to find and express what you need to recover more efficently.

C, Communication. Exchange on the scenes, how it was, what can be improve. Listen on each other feeling and also think of communication has a thing that is not just on the moment. Communication is also 1,2 or 3 days laters to check on the person. To review but also to share and open up.

A, Analyse. This is part that is done by each on our self. Understand feeling, understand pain, pleasure and what we are taking with those scenes. Validate your need, validate that is a positif thing for your self and partner. Analyse if you need more, less, redefine limites, thinks of everything that can be change to be the best relation or scenes or grow.

R, Reflection. Think of expectation, limits of the scenes and the others, was realistic and how you can improve them. How you can improve your self, class, reading , skill shares.

E, explore. Talk about the next scenes, new ideas. Want to try new things or new locations. Explore with your partner other possibilities. This help to evolve your passion. This help to evolve with each other.

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Deep value issue

by on Oct.25, 2022, under Uncategorized

Pour débuter lire


Then the reply to W text on an other site.


The rest is on the echo group on discord.

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Cyberbullying; Discord & CSQ (Collectif suspension Quebec) part 1

by on Dec.06, 2021, under Uncategorized

On an other topic, and that is a following of the 2 first post about MP. A friend of mine have receive threat against her and her events because she friend with me. This is the origin.

You got the Story about MP, up to you to see if she lie or not. But normally just by her writting its apparent for the intension.

But people that believe MP without fact checking, have other plan, call it cancel culture. But also cyberbullying. You can see both use a similar cancel phrasing. This new leader point out to also attack supporter of, take in mind they didnt even ask or look if it was true if any allegation was missleading.


After someone send me a screenshot of her boyfriend sharing the MP story on a Discord, I confronted her, when she begin to see the lie collapsing. She told me that was not public. She change and point out I was ban from the CSQ.. as a support to her claim.

But to Cancel they also need more lie to help to remove the individual from groups.


I was searching who can lie, about me. I teach for the last 20 years and its always oriented community, I made possible the biggest rope community oriented event in Montreal. The funny part, those 2 workshop, they refer was free… so that was making no sens.


When I confronted the only person related to that FL site and the CSQ group about the lie, she admit it. I was very sad about it, because I didnt saw it coming. People make believe they are friendly to stab you in the back.


Why my friend received threats, because some people use lie and fear to bully people and try to cancel people. Those new people lead other to do the bullying.Those bully I wish one day will be also accountable. But mainly to restore what they have damage.

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Miss_Pearl, Stories of abuse, lies and the exile. part 2 of 10.

by on Nov.28, 2021, under Uncategorized

Her writing have so many elements, its hard to adresse them all in one blog.

I will start with a lie easy to spot.

“He runs his “Centre” partially as a reaction from being ejected from Montreal’s other kink teaching space, the ALCC. Or allegedly he did. Because nobody would be as gauche as to tell anyone anything specific.”


I worked with Alura for 6 month to create the ALCC, we where having huge differences on how to do things, manage class schedules, but also money(more about who dont pay for workshop, but I get half of the revenue). I never did class for money, but you want at least to not in the red, paying to teach not cool. I started the Center, lasted about 10-11 years.


So when a person wrote “allegedly”, mean they just didnt do research, or its to protect there ass on lie they know it a lie? After the first writing many people contacted me on fetlife about abuse by her and her boyfriend, and mostly cover up story. I will try to get more version, and not just post thing that I didnt verify.

Why I post that after so many years, because some lie need to be address.

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Miss_Pearl, Stories of abuse, lies and the exile.

by on Oct.31, 2021, under Uncategorized

Misspearl was a friend of Littleannel, my partner more then a decade ago, they had play together and where friends for over few years, no issue there. She was writing erotic fictional stories who was weird about her. But the play even consensual was for me very abusive and not healthy. (enclosing someone in cold water for a long period of time, and didn’t care if she got sick)With one breach of concent we didnt make a big deal about it. The incident with a sex toy.

Came a night, where I did a pressure point demo at the Voodoo, a local Donjon. around Oct 9-10 2010

This is from her own word.


Pressure Points

The other night I learned that I lack pressure point reactions when Dunter attempted to give me a demonstration. It was certainly irritating, and there was some pain, but no more so than being poked hard anywhere was. All the tricks, the little finger bending, hand pinching, pressure behind the jaw, wrist twisting, turning my nipples inside out, and so on, are all bloody annoying. I did have to get him to stop a couple of times, not because he was hurting too bad but because the limb or extremity was about to break or dislocate. I really don’t have that low of a pain threshold.

Especially my jaw, which is now lightly sprained where the poor man kept cramming his thumb into the gap underneath the back of the bottom bone. It’ll probably bounce back in a day or two, but rather than erotic torture, the whole lack of submissiveness leaves me more cranky than cowering.Oct 11, 2010

6 years later june 2016, She wrote an other version with lots of lies, but also post it on different blogs, using word with abuse and breach of consent.

She was an organiser of the much of the 18=35, and a player in the local Larp vampire scenes, this provided her with a megaphone.

For me, most people didnt believe her lie, but the issue came from people with less knowledge of me and also believe anything they read in the internet.

She was beginning to have her self a huge list of abuse.

At the birthday of Monsieur_F, she was given the opportunity to give him a spanking birthday. Who was discribe to be violent and abusive, so much she needed to be stop and the spanking birthday was stoped. For someone in the scene she was having no respect.

Has the organiser of the much 18-35, she begin to coverup her own abuse and those close to her(partner and cousin) When someone was making a complaint it was simply ban. more writting on those incident an other time.

After so many complait that she was no more able the mute them on fetlife, she left the Montreal scenes to go to Vancouvert where most organiser was warn about her abusive and victime playing sceme.

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6000 spanks

by on Jun.14, 2021, under Uncategorized

For some peoples 20 is a huge things, for some players 100s is a feat.

I got the chance to give for a spanking birthday 6000.

We are heavy player, but also player with some experience to be able to do things like that. Very very good warm up is important to no break the skin to fast. Be able to rest hands its also important for the giver.

For me was a goal, the real aim was 5100, but we where so ok, we decided to aim for the 6000.

She got a soar ass for few days, but got also more damage. Shoulder took a hit, my hand was ok. I think is great to have reach that kind of limits, but I will stop there. Was fun, let see if other will make a World Record of it.

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by on Jan.03, 2021, under Uncategorized

2020 was not the best year. But many thinks was done. Lots of fun play and saw some great friends.

I closed the Center, after 10 years. Time for others to do something similar or better. RIM also closed. Now remain Tension.

I did few things, sadly more photoshoot then travel. add covid , mean also less party and more private play.

I didnt blog so much in 2020, this site for me is many things, need to put more energy into the blog parts. Correcting some of the old parts based on old php.

So far nothing plan for 2021, be cause we do not know what will happen.

I will aim to do more photoshoot, still my passion. Maybe some workshop online, Not has fun. Missing the interaction with people.

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