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July 25th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Cos-play is more then some time a fetishism, can be a passion for lots of people kinky or not.

In the kinky world we seeĀ  lots of school girl, priest and policeman, but super hero take also a great place.

Sexy catwomen, woderwoman and her rope, Bianca Beauchamp was very impressive with her supergirl outfit.

When I was teaching last year at Chicago for Shibaricon, I took a day off to go to IML, they have a fetish about Furry.

Try to imagine people dress like mascot, wolf, fox, bear ect.. having sex with each other. so strange to see that.

Montreal will have an event where cosplay will be very present name Comicon, 17-18 sept.

Video 1, none kinky cosplay

A more kinky one, picture of supergirl by Bianca Beauchamp the latex queen.

Posted with permission.

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