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E-zine #1

January 5th, 2018 in Uncategorized by Dunter

I will try  a new things this year, to make a post every week about fun news or related kinky news found on the web.

But also share more on things happening in Montreal.

Did you know we got more then 5 great Kinky places

– RIM , Rope in Motion, who got this year a great line up of teacher.

-Tension, a dedicated rope dojo.

-L’espace, yep still open down town, with great event.

-Opalace, a new one around, with workshop, playparty ect.

-High Heels, Great party host by HellKitty.


Some job are to hard, I envy some.

Expensive cars, holidays and a £156k pay cheque… meet the financial dominatrix who rakes it in from men she meets online

If you like Picture and like see beyond the first layer.

Werewolves, sex positions and a huge row of willies… The naughty shadows caught photobombing people


Just in case you didnt know. lots of things dont go in your vajayjay.

From Vicks VapoRub to WASPS’ NESTS – the bizarre vagina trends of 2017 you need to avoid


Running the watchtower  script that monitored news site for interest allowed to see many things fun. I will try to share it a little.




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