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Expensive toys

June 9th, 2018 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Price for fun, those are some of the toys ranked by price.

Tens unit, 100$, can very in the price range, but a good level start can be found in some drug store,

Flogger, 150$, for a good one, balance and with good quality leather.

Whips, 300$, single tail are more the high end, but some good one are more expensive.

Violet want, 500$, you can found cheaper, the solide state one. but the real deal is the still around 500$

Signature whip, 1000$, make my master in there trade, take also some time to found them and build at your request.


In the ridicule prize tag

The famous 1.8 millions dollar vibrator

Another famous 1 million dollar one

but you probably get those more easly less then 4000$


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