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August 8th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Fetishcon in Florida, one of the biggest fetish / bdsm event I saw so far.

This event is in Tampa big Hotel, reserved only for that. Pool, ball room and room.

First, I will tell you about the weather, wow this place is hot like hell. The humidity is so high that you can feel it like a wall. An other amuzing fact in rain mostly every night for less then 30 minutes. A huge rain.

The event is also for people in the porn industry to meet new people and do some networking and publicity, so some of the big name was there. Like Kendra James, my god she was hot. Cristina Carter who her thing is to be a kinky wounderWoman, a very nice costume. I meet a new one, Candle Boxx, look innocent but she so not. With her angelic smill she can give easly  a hard on to any men.

One of the great attraction was Lew Rubben and one of is friend from Germany doing a rope game, similar to RiggerJay rope evasion game, this one was in team of 2, to try to escape difficult bondage.

An other big attraction was the booth for Clip for sale, with a sybian. Lots of girl screamed on that machine during the week-end.

Lots of booth,with clothing or toys, ropes and boots, I wish my idea for the expo at fetish week-end will work has good has this one.

I was there to teach a seminar on pressure point, a workshop that I made few years ago for girl to help to dominate male without using brute force. Wow, I was happy to say the class was full and every body enjoy the workshop. Was nice to see so many people comming to my class. Other class was also great to see, an hypno class was also great.

One of the fetish event in Tampa under the fetishcon is the Castle, a huge place to play and dance. The big difference is also they have the right to smoke, who I feel was so strange. The dance floor was impressive by it size, and the donjon also.

The Hotel was hosting 2 donjons, great DM teams there, great station too.

My biggest fun was for sure in the pool doing photo shoot and bondage there.

a year before at the castle

This year event.




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Mistress Ayn

August 8th, 2011

Hello Dunter,

It was great to meet you at FetishCon. The pressure point class you taught was unique and extremely helpful. Hope to see you next year.

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