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A fireplay intensive.

November 28th, 2016 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Last weekend I did my first long fireplay workshop.

Combinning my 2,  2 hours workshops. Plus adding lots of time for practice and a 30 minutes lunch break.


Fireplay is basic and common sense, but also thecnical and some knowledge to be share. To minimize fear, its good to be supervise.

So I teaches some basic concepts about sensual play with heat. Playing with the difference of temperature.

I followed the military way on to teach a new weapon, meaning on how to use, how to light it up, terminated the flame and safety and how to proceed in case of issue. Water , safety blanket and extenguizer.

I show the approach I learned from the circus fire jam, and how to handle fuel, ans safety blanket.

I introduce play with

-torch, fire cotton, mouse, butane bubble, fire glove, mini flame thrower, fleshing, tapping and more.

I finished with a demo of fire flogging and fire whips.

was more to use the rest of the fuel

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