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Kitan Club

May 8th, 2016 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Kitan Club magazine was first published in 1947 in Japan and was illustrated with nude man/women, rope and bondage and plenty of S&M. Many of the highly acclaimed erotica artists that had there work published in the magazine.

The magazine was having hundred of page per edition, many edition per years, and this for over 50 years. Some people numerised those pages. I was lucky to download a copy of the site some years ago. 70 000 pages who provide an inside view of bondage evolution and some nice pieces of arts. We can see in it multiple element of western bondage and many fantasies writing.

To help me in the translation, I use OCR , optical carateres recognition.

This help me think of new ropes bondage inspired by old fashion shibari artist. But also an inside of the culture with pointer of references true time.



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