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La nuit des cordes and Project Watch tower.

March 13th, 2014 in Uncategorized by Dunter

At the last Montreal Nuit blanche we did a Rope Exibition at the Katacombe. 20 artists, rigger and bottom. from 7 to 3 am.

Was a very cool night, starting around 10pm, they where already have a line up more then 15 minutes waiting to enter. Was an amassing energy. The people involve make it work, from Eby Quainty from Quebec city and Prom, that event will have not be the same.

We got 1622 visitors, that is more then any entry for a  year at any fetish week-end.


For the past month I put some time on a monitoring script. It monitor news website around the world. Now not far then 200, in 15 country. Searching for keyword related to our domain. Like fetish or bdsm or maso …

Founding lots of bad press or bad news. But good to share so people can know and do not replicate those mistake that other people do.

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