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Miss_Pearl, Stories of abuse, lies and the exile.

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Misspearl was a friend of Littleannel, my partner more then a decade ago, they had play together and where friends for over few years, no issue there. She was writing erotic fictional stories who was weird about her. But the play even consensual was for me very abusive and not healthy. (enclosing someone in cold water for a long period of time, and didn’t care if she got sick)With one breach of concent we didnt make a big deal about it. The incident with a sex toy.

Came a night, where I did a pressure point demo at the Voodoo, a local Donjon. around Oct 9-10 2010

This is from her own word.


Pressure Points

The other night I learned that I lack pressure point reactions when Dunter attempted to give me a demonstration. It was certainly irritating, and there was some pain, but no more so than being poked hard anywhere was. All the tricks, the little finger bending, hand pinching, pressure behind the jaw, wrist twisting, turning my nipples inside out, and so on, are all bloody annoying. I did have to get him to stop a couple of times, not because he was hurting too bad but because the limb or extremity was about to break or dislocate. I really don’t have that low of a pain threshold.

Especially my jaw, which is now lightly sprained where the poor man kept cramming his thumb into the gap underneath the back of the bottom bone. It’ll probably bounce back in a day or two, but rather than erotic torture, the whole lack of submissiveness leaves me more cranky than cowering.Oct 11, 2010

6 years later june 2016, She wrote an other version with lots of lies, but also post it on different blogs, using word with abuse and breach of consent.

She was an organiser of the much of the 18=35, and a player in the local Larp vampire scenes, this provided her with a megaphone.

For me, most people didnt believe her lie, but the issue came from people with less knowledge of me and also believe anything they read in the internet.

She was beginning to have her self a huge list of abuse.

At the birthday of Monsieur_F, she was given the opportunity to give him a spanking birthday. Who was discribe to be violent and abusive, so much she needed to be stop and the spanking birthday was stoped. For someone in the scene she was having no respect.

Has the organiser of the much 18-35, she begin to coverup her own abuse and those close to her(partner and cousin) When someone was making a complaint it was simply ban. more writting on those incident an other time.

After so many complait that she was no more able the mute them on fetlife, she left the Montreal scenes to go to Vancouvert where most organiser was warn about her abusive and victime playing sceme.

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  • Watercat

    I met MP a few years back when she came over my home with her boyfriend at the time.
    She was rude and obnoxious. It was a pot luck but they didn’t bring anything to eat. All good, I don’t mind sharing my food.
    I seriously was wondering what type of people were in my home. The strange guy was picking his nose at the table(I kid you not). And when a booger fell on the table, he just swiped it off the table. No manners.
    When they left, no goodbye or thank you.

    To me, it says a lot when you act as if other people are beneath you. It was so rude.

  • Lee

    In one of the private party, She was braging about beeing an old gard, but she never give a warmup.
    Anyone saw her play can say she was dangerous.

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