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Miss_Pearl, Stories of abuse, lies and the exile. part 2 of 10.

November 28th, 2021 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Her writing have so many elements, its hard to adresse them all in one blog.

I will start with a lie easy to spot.

“He runs his “Centre” partially as a reaction from being ejected from Montreal’s other kink teaching space, the ALCC. Or allegedly he did. Because nobody would be as gauche as to tell anyone anything specific.”

I worked with Alura for 6 month to create the ALCC, we where having huge differences on how to do things, manage class schedules, but also money(more about who dont pay for workshop, but I get half of the revenue). I never did class for money, but you want at least to not in the red, paying to teach not cool. I started the Center, lasted about 10-11 years.

So when a person wrote “allegedly”, mean they just didnt do research, or its to protect there ass on lie they know it a lie? After the first writing many people contacted me on fetlife about abuse by her and her boyfriend, and mostly cover up story. I will try to get more version, and not just post thing that I didnt verify.

Why I post that after so many years, because some lie need to be address.

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