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How much money do make a pro Dom

January 25th, 2018 in Uncategorized by Dunter

The Reel answer, is it vary a lots. From the gender, location, type of services and many things. Most dont go in sexual services.

This post is not also about financial domination.

A male top, heterosexual that will aim to sell services to female bottom, will probably die of malnutrition. Girl rarely pay for those kind of services.

Now a top masculine, tha work with other dude, can make some buck. I did some gig in the pass for couple and was the only way was working for me.

A female top, Dominatrix, can make some nice penny. Its can be a hard job, doing things that will make a very interesting book.

Some Dom, add extra for specific play, needle, costume and advance restriction.

Its also common that a Domina ask and get gift, from shoes, boots, langerie, some case leather toys, leather coat, I even saw a motorcycle.

Has for money wise, 75$ is low but some do it also for the fun, the. Mid range I thing 150-300$ / h. Yep that’s lots of money if you get client all day.

Some Domina dont have there own dungeon, so substrate the rent for the revenue, equipment, cleanning stuff.

A friend of mine do 2-3h sessions at 1000$, who make a nice side job.



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