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Montreal dark past. Part 1

April 16th, 2018 in Uncategorized by Dunter

To have a better futur,people most understand the past.

I will begin by talking about community center .

About more then a decade a go, some people started the first one in Montreal. There web site was Creation date 2004/03/25

A split in believe make a partner to creat .

Both where providing services and event in the montreal Region for some time. Until one decided to move to an other city.

10 Years later, same things happen. A group of people got a similar idea, and that was the creation of the Alcc, until one of the instructor me, was not happy with the management and created the Center.

Both run together with different services for years, alcc more oriented to group and Center oriented to education. Until one  of the leader move out of the city and political issue inside the group lead to is demise. Both group inspired other city to created there site  and center.

Some time we see split has bad things. but its normal I think that people will build there click and join force with member that share a common vision.

Now we have Rim and Tension, 2 groups that share the same passion. But with many differences who allow so many activities to Montreal peoples.




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