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March 16th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Dunter

The most beautiful thing that we can reach, but some time the path to reach it is different from one person to an other.

Chatalie, one of my ex, can reach orgasm by spanking or kick in the butt. Like a cat. I remember wetting lots of floor with her. The impact of multiple hit on her ass was able to make her squirt.

Mile, my first fuck friend, was able to reach orgasm only by anal sex, she was a good teacher for a first timer. No risk of pregnancy.

tigresse, a friend of mine can reach orgasm by a simple twist of the nipple, use full and quick. I normal pinching was making her so wet she needed to change her self. No need other contact, brain directly connected to the nipple.

k, was program to orgasm on command, done over year by repetition. Very funny at table in a nice restaurant.Zeev a well know Montreal hypnotist do lots of those kind of programation under trans.

I found recently a nice site about orgasms, an erotic site with no nudity at all.

The site, is pay one, so you need to be a member, the clip is about to see the face of people reaching orgasm. Some are very erotic, other scary. I wish my face is not that bad when I reach this paradise.

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