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Montreal dark past. Part 1

by on Apr.16, 2018, under Uncategorized

To have a better futur,people most understand the past.

I will begin by talking about community center .

About more then a decade a go, some people started the first one in Montreal. There web site was attitude.ca. Creation date 2004/03/25

A split in believe make a partner to creat attitude.cc .

Both where providing services and event in the montreal Region for some time. Until one decided to move to an other city.

10 Years later, same things happen. A group of people got a similar idea, and that was the creation of the Alcc, until one of the instructor me, was not happy with the management and created the Center.

Both run together with different services for years, alcc more oriented to group and Center oriented to education. Until one  of the leader move out of the city and political issue inside the group lead to is demise. Both group inspired other city to created there site  and center.

Some time we see split has bad things. but its normal I think that people will build there click and join force with member that share a common vision.

Now we have Rim and Tension, 2 groups that share the same passion. But with many differences who allow so many activities to Montreal peoples.




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Past Presence

by on Apr.06, 2018, under Uncategorized

Last night my partner for workshop did her first one. After being my demo bottom for more then 2 years for about over 100 events, she was teaching her first Needleplay. Was great and well prepare. Showing her passion, and for once not mine. She was having fun doing it also.

Also this week I talked with MlleKate, also a bottom for show I dated for a year, many years ago. Now she is teaching rope and travelling and teaching. I envy her, she will be going to a place I didnt have the chance to go. Happy for her, but also glad to see her doing well.

A copy of a writting from an other site.

To reminde me where I did go and where I like it. Funny to some of those now close and changed names.

-WestCoast Bond,(Workshop) 2016
-Fapcon(workshop) 2015
-AFW(workshop, perfomance, fun) 2015
-Beyond Leather.(Workshop) 2015,16
-La nuit des cordes,(Promoter,performer)2014-18
-DO fusion, Maryland,(Workshop)2014
-Lupercalia, Edmonton (Workshop)2013,14
-The Floating world,NJ(workshop) 2013
-Thunder in the mountain, Denver(workshop, performance) 2013,14,16
-Festival Kink de Quebec(workshop), 2013
-Bound in Boston, 2010,13,14,15
-NELA Presents – FFF(workshop) 2011,13,14,15
-Torture Garden Toronto.(Workshop)2010,11,12
-Every thing to do with sex show.(workshop, coordinator)2010,11
-Kinky festival (show,workshop)2008,09
-Fetish week end (show,workshop,Dm, coordinator)2008,09,10,11
-Clubsin (show,workshop)2007 to 2010
-Fs Sequence(DM)2009 to 2012
-Salon de l’amour et seduction (demo)2004,05,06,09.
-FetishCon.(workshop) 2011
-Torture Garden Montreal (show, dm coordinator) 2011

-The Vampir, (movie). Bondage 2006.
-Choking Game (porn). bondage 2008

-Raw Montreal, (Show) 2014
-Disk lunch, The gods of now, (show)2009.
-festival of erotics art (show) 2009.
-Eyes wide shut.(show)2008,09,10,11,14,15,16
-Paparazzi(show). 2010
-April ball.(show)2009,10
-Rendez-vous de l’érotisme(show) 2011

-Fetish Armada,{front} bondage
-Fetish Store, (front). bondage
-Priapes store, (front). Bondage

intensive fullday(Toronto 4, Quebec 8, NH 3, Montreal 4)

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My breathplay Book.

by on Feb.10, 2018, under Uncategorized

So its out.



Let me know, what you think about it.

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How much money do make a pro Dom

by on Jan.25, 2018, under Uncategorized

The Reel answer, is it vary a lots. From the gender, location, type of services and many things. Most dont go in sexual services.

This post is not also about financial domination.

A male top, heterosexual that will aim to sell services to female bottom, will probably die of malnutrition. Girl rarely pay for those kind of services.

Now a top masculine, tha work with other dude, can make some buck. I did some gig in the pass for couple and was the only way was working for me.

A female top, Dominatrix, can make some nice penny. Its can be a hard job, doing things that will make a very interesting book.

Some Dom, add extra for specific play, needle, costume and advance restriction.

Its also common that a Domina ask and get gift, from shoes, boots, langerie, some case leather toys, leather coat, I even saw a motorcycle.

Has for money wise, 75$ is low but some do it also for the fun, the. Mid range I thing 150-300$ / h. Yep that’s lots of money if you get client all day.

Some Domina dont have there own dungeon, so substrate the rent for the revenue, equipment, cleanning stuff.

A friend of mine do 2-3h sessions at 1000$, who make a nice side job.



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by on Jan.06, 2018, under Uncategorized

If you want to help for my first book.

https://www.patreon.com/Dunter 1$ and you get the book.

We are at the second round of correction.

If you want to help with coffee $1 is not the world.


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E-zine #1

by on Jan.05, 2018, under Uncategorized

I will try  a new things this year, to make a post every week about fun news or related kinky news found on the web.

But also share more on things happening in Montreal.

Did you know we got more then 5 great Kinky places

– RIM , Rope in Motion, who got this year a great line up of teacher.

-Tension, a dedicated rope dojo.

-L’espace, yep still open down town, with great event.

-Opalace, a new one around, with workshop, playparty ect.

-High Heels, Great party host by HellKitty.


Some job are to hard, I envy some.

Expensive cars, holidays and a £156k pay cheque… meet the financial dominatrix who rakes it in from men she meets online

If you like Picture and like see beyond the first layer.

Werewolves, sex positions and a huge row of willies… The naughty shadows caught photobombing people


Just in case you didnt know. lots of things dont go in your vajayjay.

From Vicks VapoRub to WASPS’ NESTS – the bizarre vagina trends of 2017 you need to avoid


Running the watchtower  script that monitored news site for interest allowed to see many things fun. I will try to share it a little.




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by on Jan.02, 2018, under Uncategorized

I think this time to wish every one an happy new year.

2017 was amusing for me at many personal things, photoshoot, Japanese class, many many travels. From Boston, NY, San Francisco, LA, Vegas. But ending with Death Valley with my sub was awsome.


2018 will be a year of changes and new things.

We will release books that we worked on, slowly for sure.

Working also to make Paid Per view content, will see how this work.


Community is very the same, growing, learning. With more and more play party, Dungeon, class, and rope events, its amassing to see things happening.


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25 years

by on Feb.09, 2017, under Uncategorized

Time go so fast. So fast that you dont see it.

This site got a gallery that have started it over 10 years ago. Kind of funny no. This site is more then a blog for me, its a container for many things.

We have accomplished so much over those years, from building different community center. International rope event. But also feeling proud of the repel some action have did.

I see the positive so much, more information, more education and more quality educator every where. Montreal have grow so much.

Many project on the back burner. Good and less good one.

Many travel plan, one last minute a 1 month Japanese class in Japan. This is not sure and very expensive.

I can say that over time we collect things, enough percutions toys to fill up a huge walking, that include so many electric toys and over 5km of ropes.

Also I took a look of the class I give now, so different and more mature.

Over the years, so not has good at taking picture has I will like.But now with my new mac, I should improve in composition.



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A fireplay intensive.

by on Nov.28, 2016, under Uncategorized

Last weekend I did my first long fireplay workshop.

Combinning my 2,  2 hours workshops. Plus adding lots of time for practice and a 30 minutes lunch break.


Fireplay is basic and common sense, but also thecnical and some knowledge to be share. To minimize fear, its good to be supervise.

So I teaches some basic concepts about sensual play with heat. Playing with the difference of temperature.

I followed the military way on to teach a new weapon, meaning on how to use, how to light it up, terminated the flame and safety and how to proceed in case of issue. Water , safety blanket and extenguizer.

I show the approach I learned from the circus fire jam, and how to handle fuel, ans safety blanket.

I introduce play with

-torch, fire cotton, mouse, butane bubble, fire glove, mini flame thrower, fleshing, tapping and more.

I finished with a demo of fire flogging and fire whips.

was more to use the rest of the fuel

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by on Oct.06, 2016, under Uncategorized

I am dropping from SF and MBE. So feel a little down and I will like to share it.

The last MBE was great, but was the last. I am sure some thing else will emerge.
A little sad about an event for me who introduce to meet and have fun with other ropey people.
(Morph, Amu, Intripida, Ho, AxeQueen, Casey, and so many)

Montreal now have multiple people motivated to teach and share kinky knowledge.
In a way sad, in a way happy. Diversity is not a bad thing. When running for some time alone , a part of you see other has competition, when they are not.
I feel the need to renew some thing.

Rope, every where a look I see amazing skill in my own community, skill way beyond my own. Sad in a way, In time when no other where doing rope you are on a pedestal.
Now I look at people with only 2 years experience doing amazing things, where my 20 of experience cannot compete. My style is not that hot any more.
Need and feel to practice more.

Whips, I am a huge whip enthusiast, about the same has rope. This summer met other whip people, more oriented to performance then hitting people… those crazy vanilla.
I was amaze to see how fast they grow in skill, over shadowing by there own skill , me that I taught to them. Now learning from them. Sad to learn not that fast.
Need to practice more.

Photography, I cannot say I am a photographer, I am more a guy with a camera.
Got maybe more lens then some photographer, but sadly that do no add any to composition or skill. Feel sad to not be better at some of your passion.
This one need to learn more on the part that my brain don’t see,

Now I need a good netflix “Grey anatomy” and chocolate.

Dropping is when  you feel down a little, because you got so much fun for a good period of time.

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