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May 1st, 2013 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Last month in Bound in Boston I did a bad move, and a reoccurring issue came back. But in a way was worth it. A very nice play with Ai.

My back who was damage by many years of bad treatment in the military and an incident about 6 years ago.

The sciatic nerve was touch and the pain is very bad some time.

This time was different, I lost control and sensation in my left legs. Now I am doing well, but cannot still feel my big toe.

I did my first CT scan at the hospital. After 9 hours on the hospital bed. I passed 4 days without sleeping and eating… yay I lost weight.

Funny how the medical people do not want us to have good pain killer like vicodine. I that time I will have loved morphine, but I got Tylenol.

Funny things, my neighbors got the same things at the same time, but related to a car crash.

Now fixed, I prepare  my travel for Shibaricon, NYC and Denver.

A friend of mine was injure by some one who do not know how to do fireplay :-(Sadly is too late for her, she will get a scar.

My motorcycle is out, I drive it to the garage for maintenance her 40k. and a nice clean up.



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Vanessa Cummings

August 19th, 2013

Know how you feel. My back was destroyed in service, and am in pain all day every day. Left leg is always a little numb. Often my left leg (or both legs) give out without notice because of nerve damage. Then add in the neck, blown up shoulder, and “OSI”…

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