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WatchTower and Calgary

February 9th, 2016 in Uncategorized by Dunter

Just pass few month in Calgary, great place and great community.

I saw many local events and peoples in this a great local place, with many difference with Montreal where I grew up. Most funny was trying to get rubbing alcohol  for the fireplay workshop, her they are keep behind the cashier, because people drink those…

Tomorrow on my way for Vancouver for a week, for many years was a city . Got a chance to got invited to Teach to the WestCoast Bound convention. I cannot wait to be there.

After the convention, on my way to Montreal, preparing the Montreal MBE. With more then 80 performer this year. Many thing left to prepare, by chance I got a nice team with me.

Working to improve watchtower a program that monitor news website for some key word, was at the beginning few hundred site. Now scanning true thousand of site in less time with better coding and multi treadthing.



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