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WordPress for 10 years

June 23rd, 2018 in Uncategorized by Dunter

I now use for this site, wordpress for 10 years. Did many update and upgrade over they years. I remember to have to re install to upgrade some version because of none compatibility with older version.

At some point they where not easy to do. Its easy to play with wordpress now, configure and install different plugin or even code in php one your self. I was lucky over this decade I didnt have bad issues. Many of my friend got Hack, or lost there site for different reason.

I use a simple 8 Digit password that I change every 3 month, and no is not 12345678.

I was surprise to look at the date of the first entry. 2008

Thanks to people who message me, some time for viagra or to reset my bank account, but it feel like people connect with some of the content.


This part of the site is for me a way to express my self, and have my plateforme many things.

Will see if I will still use it in 10 Years.

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