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The violet wand is basically a modified Tesla coil. What a Tesla coil is and how it functions is the subject of this section. Note that this is a very general description of Tesla coil function. Although working Tesla coils function as described, they feature safeguards and efficiency enhancing features that we do not delve into here.

A Tesla coil is a device that uses resonance to boost an electrical signal to many times its original amplitude. The circuitry times the pulses of current so that they reinforce and build on each other, boosting the output. Imagine a swing. If you push on the swing randomly the swing will swing chaotically, never going much higher than a certain level. However, if you time your pushesjust right, the swing will climb ever higher. You have determined the “resonance” of the swing. That’s the basic principle behind a Tesla coil: keep sending out electrical pulses, at the resonant frequency, in one section of the circuit, to induce the other section of the circuit to ever higher potentials.

Media:Violet wand patent 1 524 876.pdf

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