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Cyberbullying; Discord & CSQ (Collectif suspension Quebec) part 1

by on Dec.06, 2021, under Uncategorized

On an other topic, and that is a following of the 2 first post about MP. A friend of mine have receive threat against her and her events because she friend with me. This is the origin.

You got the Story about MP, up to you to see if she lie or not. But normally just by her writting its apparent for the intension.

But people that believe MP without fact checking, have other plan, call it cancel culture. But also cyberbullying. You can see both use a similar cancel phrasing. This new leader point out to also attack supporter of, take in mind they didnt even ask or look if it was true if any allegation was missleading.


After someone send me a screenshot of her boyfriend sharing the MP story on a Discord, I confronted her, when she begin to see the lie collapsing. She told me that was not public. She change and point out I was ban from the CSQ.. as a support to her claim.

But to Cancel they also need more lie to help to remove the individual from groups.


I was searching who can lie, about me. I teach for the last 20 years and its always oriented community, I made possible the biggest rope community oriented event in Montreal. The funny part, those 2 workshop, they refer was free… so that was making no sens.


When I confronted the only person related to that FL site and the CSQ group about the lie, she admit it. I was very sad about it, because I didnt saw it coming. People make believe they are friendly to stab you in the back.


Why my friend received threats, because some people use lie and fear to bully people and try to cancel people. Those new people lead other to do the bullying.Those bully I wish one day will be also accountable. But mainly to restore what they have damage.

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