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Aftercare: A closing ritual

by on Nov.09, 2022, under Uncategorized

Not everyone have the same needs, not everyone need aftercare with someone. Some just need to be alone for few minutes, other need mcnuggets. But both side can have a need for it, and it can also depend on the scenes. An humiliation scene have not the same impact has a flesh hook one.

This was an approach by Shevah from Ds-arts, and I think I add a little to it.

Those are not a way, buts ideas, it’s not a things to follow in orders but to think about. Parts you can include. Take what you need and left what less connect with you.

A , Attentiveness. This is the part many believe to be the aftercare. The cuddling part, hug and caress, kissing and massages. It’s the moment to care for the body and mind of the other, follow the need that was negotiated and agree before hand.

F, Fortify. This will be for the physical aspect. Rehydrate the body, sugar, rest, clean up the person, but also the scene. Think of first aids, apply ice, cream and other body needs. Clean your hand, think of the toys used and other things that will need attention.

T, Transition. This is your way to pass from play to not-play headspace. Your way to acknowledge a change. For some that do 24/7 this is less applicable. For other that can be the add and remove of a play collar. Can be a kiss on the feet from the bottom to sign the end of the scenes and return to life.

E, Express. Give and show gratitude, give to Cesard whats it he deserve. Akcnowledge the work and effort on both side will help put a meaning to the scenes. Be open and supportive to concern.

R, Recovery, Body, mind and soul need a time to recover. More we get old more this take an importance. Body need to recover from injury, but also the chemical our body make when we play. Those chemical can lead to some bad drop, and to be aware of it, and how to recover is important. The mind need also to recover, some will need sleep , up to you to find and express what you need to recover more efficently.

C, Communication. Exchange on the scenes, how it was, what can be improve. Listen on each other feeling and also think of communication has a thing that is not just on the moment. Communication is also 1,2 or 3 days laters to check on the person. To review but also to share and open up.

A, Analyse. This is part that is done by each on our self. Understand feeling, understand pain, pleasure and what we are taking with those scenes. Validate your need, validate that is a positif thing for your self and partner. Analyse if you need more, less, redefine limites, thinks of everything that can be change to be the best relation or scenes or grow.

R, Reflection. Think of expectation, limits of the scenes and the others, was realistic and how you can improve them. How you can improve your self, class, reading , skill shares.

E, explore. Talk about the next scenes, new ideas. Want to try new things or new locations. Explore with your partner other possibilities. This help to evolve your passion. This help to evolve with each other.

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