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Military Interogation

Torture for interrogation play.
Come to discover a new kind of mindfuck. This workshop is not like you will have been see before.
Will be devised in 6 modules with demo and discussion prepare like reel interrogation.

-Fear, how to use this tool to crack most brain.
-Pain and bluff, pain is easy to administer but in a interrogation scenario this is just a toys.
-Endurance, every body can resist to most interrogation, this is the way on how to deal with endurance.
-Mindfuck, trick to get information from twisted idea.
-Stress, how to play with stress, how to create and manage
-Interrogation technique, questioning, how to ask the good question.

I build this workshop for the kinky festival many years ago, was missing a little of demo.
Now build with life demo with a reel interrogation play scenario.

Let me know what you think of it.

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