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by on Oct.06, 2016, under Uncategorized

I am dropping from SF and MBE. So feel a little down and I will like to share it.

The last MBE was great, but was the last. I am sure some thing else will emerge.
A little sad about an event for me who introduce to meet and have fun with other ropey people.
(Morph, Amu, Intripida, Ho, AxeQueen, Casey, and so many)

Montreal now have multiple people motivated to teach and share kinky knowledge.
In a way sad, in a way happy. Diversity is not a bad thing. When running for some time alone , a part of you see other has competition, when they are not.
I feel the need to renew some thing.

Rope, every where a look I see amazing skill in my own community, skill way beyond my own. Sad in a way, In time when no other where doing rope you are on a pedestal.
Now I look at people with only 2 years experience doing amazing things, where my 20 of experience cannot compete. My style is not that hot any more.
Need and feel to practice more.

Whips, I am a huge whip enthusiast, about the same has rope. This summer met other whip people, more oriented to performance then hitting people… those crazy vanilla.
I was amaze to see how fast they grow in skill, over shadowing by there own skill , me that I taught to them. Now learning from them. Sad to learn not that fast.
Need to practice more.

Photography, I cannot say I am a photographer, I am more a guy with a camera.
Got maybe more lens then some photographer, but sadly that do no add any to composition or skill. Feel sad to not be better at some of your passion.
This one need to learn more on the part that my brain don’t see,

Now I need a good netflix “Grey anatomy” and chocolate.

Dropping is when  you feel down a little, because you got so much fun for a good period of time.

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