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This is a log of things have done, for me to remember, a backup of example or simply to put all information about those under 1 rouf.

lets say from my beginning I was a shy guy, and didn’t involve my self to much.

After few years going to le Chateau, I helped JP and Elie for  there kinky night, not DM more some one to help. Then I begin to give my first demonstration and workshop. This  was begin 2000-2004.

Then I was part of a group where we started our on Donjon, called the Ds Club. Was in Verdun, upstairs of a Police station. Doing the door and Dm.

Then I begin to travel to learn mostly and teach, what I was learning in travel I was teacher localy. I did also many show and performances.

Past Presence.
-Lust(performance) 2017, Lust was a performance about rope dance, whips.
-WestCoast Bond,(Workshop) 2016, was a great event in Vancouvert.
-Fapcon(workshop) 2015, with my time with my partener in Calgary.
-AFW(workshop, perfomance, fun) 2015, lots of fun in the wood.
-Beyond Leather.(Workshop) 2015,16, Florida so warm.
-La nuit des cordes,(Promoter,performer)2014-18. For 5 years this was my baby, biggest rope exibition at the moment,
-DO fusion, Maryland,(Workshop)2014, an amazing series of Convention, this one in Maryland was incredible.
-Lupercalia, Edmonton (Workshop)2013,14, Lupercalia is a very great convention in Edmonton
-MBE,Toronto(Performance)2010,11,12,13,15,16, I was there from the 3th, thill the end. 12h performance, inspired to created NDC
-The Floating world,NJ(workshop) 2013, the venue was amazing, some the best educator was there.
-Thunder in the mountain, Denver(workshop, performance) 2013,14,16, a very old events, Greatest donjon I ever saw.
-Festival Kink de Quebec(workshop), 2013, lets say, place for improvement
-Bound in Boston, 2010,13,14,15, I think BiB was my first Con, a great events none the less.
-NELA Presents – FFF(workshop) 2011,13,14,15, the fetish flea faire, is an amazing con that take over a huge hotel.
-Shibaricon.(Workshop)2010,13,15, The Chicago event where amazing, from many tears we let go that events.
-Torture Garden Toronto.(Workshop)2010,11,12, was the most advance and gory things you can see is with TG
-Every thing to do with sex show.(workshop, coordinator)2010,11, Funny to see that event change hands some many times.
-Kinky festival (show,workshop)2008,09, the first montreal try.
-Fetish week end (show,workshop,Dm, coordinator)2008,09,10,11, I joined, created, until … same has most of the pepleo of the city
-Clubsin (show,workshop)2007 to 2010, at some point in time was a cool event.
-Fs Sequence(DM)2009 to 2012,  the emergence of the Dm for events. many show there.
-Salon de l’amour et seduction (demo)2004,05,06,09., the original, first experience with vanilla people in a kinky con.
-FetishCon.(workshop) 2011, I did it once, a convention more Adult industry oriented.
-Torture Garden Montreal (show, dm coordinator) 2011,  a very cool experience, my most advance suspension was there.
-Sexapalooza.(Workshop)2013-14, was a try,

-The Vampir, (movie). Bondage 2006. , decorative ropes, fews hours of work for few seconds on the screen
-Choking Game (porn). bondage 2008, repetition and repetition of the same knots to avoid error.

-Raw Montreal, (Show) 2014, was suppose to be the next American got talent, was not.
-Disk lunch, The gods of now, (show)2009. Performance for a friend.
-festival of erotics art (show) 2009. A all day performance with over 5 models was amazing.
-Eyes wide shut.(show)2008,09,10,11,14,15,16,18, warming up the night with some basic kinky things.
-Paparazzi(show). 2010, a CDB events
-April ball.(show)2009,10, the bain mathieu, best party best place.
-Rendez-vous de l’érotisme(show) 2011, was a try, to put many adult things together.

-Fetish Armada,{front} bondage
-Fetish Store, (front). bondage
-Priapes store, (front). Bondage

I did many  intensive for a full day of workshop, normally 3 to 4 workshop

(Toronto 4, Quebec 9, NH 3, Montreal 4)


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