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Long day.

by on Apr.17, 2009, under Uncategorized

Was  a long day, First I work on case of where an  AK-47  fired when charged on a movie set. This is very very strange, the AKis one of the most secure weapon. So after few hours of investigation we figure out the weapon was not is cause, we verify the munition. nothing special except a small mark on it. I call the company who sell this munition about any sensitive primer issue was reported, but none was reported or found. We try to replicate the issue with the same box blank. Nothing append. We receave a call form the ISS the company  who build those munition, they found the batch and they agree the primer was to sensitive. The Ak got a floating pin, who strike very lightly the primer when you are loading the device.

I invent a type leash for dogs or human for pet play. I very easy one to use. The leash can be use to chock or be block to not chock. I am very confident this kind of leash do not exist, I will show  it soon. I call to patent this invention, 2000$ to make a verification if this already exist. 5000$ for a pre-patent request, and 12 000 for a final patent.

I will decide if I register or not this little invention.

Picture of the day my new set of joaillerie.

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