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 I saw a discution on a forum about question to ask to a dominant. Who teach him, he practive on who,  ect.

So this will be my little resume in the bdsm world.

I begin lots of years ago, in private and on the net.

After I was a little fan of the fetish cafe, and the cream on st-laurent, now this is know has the syndrome.  Cafe cleopatre was also doing burlesque night. At that time I was more a voyeur then a player. Learning.

I meet one of my first suby, 24/7  at the fetish montreal, at big loft in st-henri, I learn lots of things there. I still remember some of the nice equipement at that place.

Couple years later we open a place in verdun, me and 4 other master, not far from a police station. I learn to not thrust other with money.  I was in charge of the door and the donjon master. This place did not survive for lots of reason, but mainly because the other other was not good in math. This was the first time we saw Midori in montreal.

Few years after this one I learn about le chateau a swinger club doing fetish event. A girl name Elie was the promoter of this event, on invitation only at first. With a very strict dress code. This was the place we saw the most people refused. 

In the same time my girl friend was doing side show for some event, I learn fireplay from her.

I was a client at first, after I try to help the best I can. I done the introduction a lots of time, initiation of lots of newbie and begin to do a little the donjon keeping. I begin to do some little workshop. This was the place I begin to like sharing knowledge.

Jp the owner of the place close the chateau for lots of good reasson. he became my neabour in the village olympique.  He take a break for 1 year I believe, was the time of Victoria and her fetish4 play. Lots of seminar at that nice place.

I done some pro domination for couple at first to try, after for money.

I begin to help Isabeau and Sebatien and her fetish event, helping to mount the donjon, place the equipement, some time re paint and repair some of the equipement. And play a lots.

Victoria was leaving her place and I tell to Jp this will be a nice place to be begin a new donjon.  He finaly take the loft side of the one of victoria. A little bigger. I take the place of Elie to promote the fetish event and do the donjon master. This was like a second home.

Now I help le Manoir du Bougainvillier and I do show for Clubsin and also lots of workshop.  I help for 2 festival kinky festival and fetish week end.



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