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Where this came from?

by on Mar.30, 2009, under Uncategorized

This perversion in me came from some where. I remember some dream in my young age. Dreams with bondage girls and lots of strange things. I do remember the effect of this on my imagination.

Older I begin to use computer to find pictures of some thing with out names, at that time internet was not there, was the BBS time and lots of files was only share by modem. with my 2600 bauts was very slow to get low quality picture.

I remember to  always get  fun to tied friend and girl, playing indian and cowboy.

Sex and play came a lots later, I learn a lots on bondage  from pictures, books and a little in the military. I learn a lots sharing with others and try things. Suspension I learn it from my self, testing on my self most technics.

From luis royo art, the kiss of the beauty and the beast.

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