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Stoping a show.

by on Sep.26, 2010, under Uncategorized

At the last fetish week-end I has jump on stage and stop a show. The reason was for security of the people and to protect the event.

The performer name BB was playing with a caddleprod and was using it on people from the crowd. Not issue so far, people was rising there hand to receive the shock. My conserne was when I saw people droping there drink because of the pain, so I ask the performer to stop. She continue her show.

Few moment after, people begin to rise there hand again and she continue to give shock to the public, I saw 2 people moving back violently after receiving the shock and hurting other people, so I punch the stage and I look at her, and told her again to stop.

2 seconds after that, a person put is drink on the stage, BB put the caddleprod on is chest and give him a shock. the guy was mad about it.

So I jump on stage and remove the electric toys from her hand and ask her to leave the stage.

I write this, becausse was speadring an other version of the fact, and I will like to correct that.

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